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BEERIOSITY does not dislike mainstream beer. Beeriosity just wants you to know that there's more to your drinking life.

Beer is not meant to be boring. Drinking beer shouldn't have to be boring, and neither should your decisions any time you walk up to the bar.

Beeriosity is filled with reviews of all sorts of beer by average drinkers for average drinkers. They're fun, easy to understand and don't contain high falutin technical stuff like "lacing".

Is it good and worth trying or is it bad and worth running from? That's the Beeriosity motto.

There are three rating systems. The first is a simple out of 10 setup that's quick and easy to use.

For the other end of the scale, we have the Average Beer (AB) rating. In short, it's how many Average Beers (like Heineken) we think we'd need to have under our belts before we'd ever accept another of the tested beers. A beer rated AB1 is a bit bad. A beer rated AB8 is dreadful. The beauty of the AB theory is that it works with any local mainstream beer wherever you are in the world.

The final theory revolves around Heineken. Every beer in the world that has no discernible character of its own tastes disturbingly like Heineken, so Heineken is known around here as Beer Chicken. Heineken is neither good nor bad. It is inoffensive and a safe haven in a bar full of rubbish beers.

So Heineken is the Chicken of Beers and Beer Chicken becomes our average, or 5/10 score. 

BC0, therefore, is 5/10 and anything above that is an above-average beer. BC2, for example, would be 7/10.

So now you know how works. Join up and help us change the beer-drinking world!


About Scott Ellis

Scott is a journalist living in Sydney who grew up (and he uses the term loosely) in Adelaide.

This explains why he likes Coopers Red more than just about anything and expects beers to have a LOT of flavour.

He's a big fan of dark ales, stouts, porters and the like but will drink most beers... within reason.

Scott lives in Sydney's inner west where the bottle shops are filled with stuff the local migrant communities want so expect to see heaps of South American and Asian stuff.

So far he lists his greatest beer triumph as finding a Greek brew called Vergina. That pretty much sums him up.

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An Australian journalist living in Italy, Michael's regular commute encompasses the whole world, but he's a particular fan of neighbouring Bavaria. 

He's not, however, at all enamoured of sweet beers and prefers brewers to perfect their work with the Big Four beer ingredients before they get fancy by adding fruit, honey, sugar or corn.

He only likes bad beers because they're the most fun to write up. 

You can see all of Michael's reviews here.



Lying in a hospital bed after a failed Wet July attempt in 2011 (meninghitis, not liver failure), Shane came up with a grander challenge – to drink a different beer every day for a year.

Thus, the Yeer in Beer Facebook page was born, which lead directly to

While he has tried everything from a chilli beer (regrettably) to beers infused with mango, berries and even Earl Grey Tea (which may well become his favourite for 2012), Shane prefers the craft brew IPAs of Australia and New Zealand. He lives on Sydney’s northern beaches.

You can see all of Shane's reviews here.



Paul was brought into the wonderful world of Beeriosity by Michael Taylor and has not looked back since.

He is by no means a beer expert but he knows what he likes and more importantly, what he does not like.

His main role here is looking after the day-to-day running of the site but you can expect some reviews from him as well (yeah, about one out of every 20 beers he "tests" - MT).

His favourite part of the Beeriosity world? Going into a bar and trying to find a beer he has not had before.

It does not always end well, but once is a while a real gem can be found.

You can see all of Paul's reviews here.



Graeme, a product of two centuries in the quality beer wasteland that is Sydney's Western Suburbs, has graduated from commercial Australian beers of the 70s, through good European Lagers and Pilsners to the wonderful world of Ales.

Currently, he is savouring big aromatic, hoppy, bitter IPAs. He does not profess to be a beer judge, but just like art, he knows what he likes.

He doesn't mind a bit of fruit and other extraneous objects thrown in during fermentation, never after, but can be a harsh judge of failure. 

Graeme prefers fresh beer and is looking to add to the list of  twenty eight breweries where he has imbibed.

You can see all of Graeme's reviews here.



In May 2012 Chris decided to find a reason to celebrate life and drink a different beer every day - triggered by the sadness of his father dying from an aggressive brain tumour.

While always a hobby, beer drinking has now become a passion and Chris expects to knock back at least 500 different beers when his year concludes.

But, of course, the beer drinking will continue so why not 1,000 different beers in two years?

Chris lives in Melbourne, within stumbling distance of a brewery.

You can see all of Chris's reviews here.



Martin started homebrewing whilst at university, primarily out of economic necessity.

A quest for better beer lead him to try new beers whenever possible and, before long, he was looking for something other than another lager.

He enjoys telling whoever will listen about new beer releases, the impacts of different types of hops and what tasty beer he has tried recently.

His favourite beers are packed with flavour, whether they be big hoppy IPAs or malty dark ales. He believes context plays a big role in beer choice. Some beers are suitable when you’ve just mowed the lawn or at a BBQ, others on a cold, wintery night in front of the fire and some are just not suitable for any occasion.

Originally from the Blue Mountains he now lives in Sydney’s Inner West. You can see all of Martin's reviews here.