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BEERIOSITY does not dislike mainstream beer. Beeriosity just wants you to know that there's more to your drinking life.

Beer is not meant to be boring. Drinking beer shouldn't have to be boring, and neither should your decisions any time you walk up to the bar.

Beeriosity is filled with reviews of all sorts of beer by average drinkers for average drinkers. They're fun, easy to understand and don't contain high falutin technical stuff like "lacing".

Is it good and worth trying or is it bad and worth running from? That's the Beeriosity motto.

There are three rating systems. The first is a simple out of 10 setup that's quick and easy to use.

For the other end of the scale, we have the Average Beer (AB) rating. In short, it's how many Average Beers (like Heineken) we think we'd need to have under our belts before we'd ever accept another of the tested beers. A beer rated AB1 is a bit bad. A beer rated AB8 is dreadful. The beauty of the AB theory is that it works with any local mainstream beer wherever you are in the world.

The final theory revolves around Heineken. Every beer in the world that has no discernible character of its own tastes disturbingly like Heineken, so Heineken is known around here as Beer Chicken. Heineken is neither good nor bad. It is inoffensive and a safe haven in a bar full of rubbish beers.

So Heineken is the Chicken of Beers and Beer Chicken becomes our average, or 5/10 score. 

BC0, therefore, is 5/10 and anything above that is an above-average beer. BC2, for example, would be 7/10.

So now you know how works. Join up and help us change the beer-drinking world!