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Two of Australia's best craft breweries are joining forces with Chinese, American, New Zealand and English breweries to create the world's greatest brewing apprenticeship.

The "apprenticeship" (not an official qualification, mind you) includes an all-expenses paid trip around the world, plus four days working at each of the breweries involved in the competition.

The competition gives craft beer fans and budding brewers the chance to work alongside the brightest minds in craft-beer making, with the package including working in the breweries, pulling beers, bottling beers and organising brewery events.

While other breweries might be bigger, the Australian leg of the winner's tour can't be beaten for scenery. The winner will spend time with the Four Pines Brewing Company on Sydney's northern beaches, then will switch to the Feral Brewing Company in Western Australia's Swan Valley.

The winner will also work with one of Beeriosity's favourite English brewers, Meantime (try the chocolate porter in winter), the Good George Brewery in Hamilton, New Zealand, The Brew in Shanghai, China and Victory Brewing in Philadelphia.

Rich Myers, Meantime’s marketing director said: “This is about a global approach to craft brewing – a combination of the best breweries opening up their doors to welcome somebody with a passion for premium quality beer made with the best ingredients, by passionate, talented brewers.

“At Meantime, we have just introduced structure to our apprenticeship programmes. This opportunity allows the winner to experience brewing methods and ideas at some of the best establishments across the globe. Who wouldn’t want that on their CV?”

To win the apprenticeship, the applicant need only answer one question: why do they deserve the chance? 

The applications opened this week and you will need to send one photo and you have only 50 words to claim the role, so get creative.

Applications for the apprenticeship open this week and need to address one main question – why do they deserve to win the place?

For more information on how to enter is available here



Budweiser. So unpopular in Europe that they can't shift the stuff, even at 99 cents a bottle. 

(Oh, and you get 8 strawberry points, in case you were struggling with your Italian translation.)

Normally, the distributors sell it in bulk to Italian bars in a package with Heineken, Corona, Beck's, Ceres and Nastro Azzurro, but it's the one that stays in the fridge long after the others have gone. Well, except Ceres, which is pants.

At the same supermarket near Milan, there was another beer, sold in 500ml cans, called, simply, Beer. Sure, it's nothing brilliant but neither is Bud. And just plain Beer is 45 cents a can.



England is facing humiliation or a complete overhaul of its Bashes team after being trounced today in the first test of The Bashes.

Australia, led from the front by the captain, the James Squire Hop Thief, and the vice-captain, the Ekim After Battle Pale Ale, destroyed England overnight.

A crushingly strong performance across the board left Australia an average beer score of 9.67 out of 10 for its 12 beers, with organisers deciding to let each team’s 12th man play the full test because: “a drink can’t carry the drinks, can it? Besides, there are 12 beers in two six packs and you don’t leave the last one on the shelf, do you?”

The result left Australia averaging more than two full points clear of an English 12 that averaged 7.42/10 per beer, even with solid efforts from the entire Fuller’s family and brilliant flashes of 9/10 brewing from the Fuller’s ESB, the Green Devil IPA and the Meantime Chocolate Porter.

The opening combination of the Ekim and the Hop Thief delivered Australia a perfect start, with a pair of “Nadias”, or 10/10 votes.

Endeavour Brewing’s 2012 Reserve Amber Ale, a last minute addition to the Australian team after a Mountain Goat and Mikkeller collaboration beer was ruled ineligible, repaid the selectors’ faith with a strong 9/10 at first drop (see what I did there?).

A thumping series of 10/10 contributions from Australia’s pale ale middle order all but sealed England’s demise, with the Feral Brewing Fanta Pants IPA, the Holgate Millennium Falcon IPA, the Sideshow Ticket Booth Pale Ale and the HopDog C Bomb Double IPA all earning maximum scores.

Inspired by its brewery-mate, the Feral Brewing Boris Russian Imperial Stout delivered another 10/10 before the bowlers chimed in.

Brought in to the squad as a solid, reliable foil to some of its more scintillating countryman, the Cooper’s Sparkling Ale more than did its job with an 8/10, while the Balmain Brewing Pilsner worked from the other end to deliver a 9/10.

The first bowling change brought immediate disaster for England, with both the Little Creatures The Quiet American 2013 and the Holgate Empress Mocha Porter both finishing with 10/10 performances.

The English selectors look to have some serious thinking to do for next week’s second test, with plenty of solid performers but not enough brilliant ones.

In particular, it’s hard to see the Timothy Taylor’s Landlord Strong Pale Ale retaining its place in the starting team after a pair of 4/10 efforts.



Australia Batting Card

James Squire Hop Thief American Pale Ale (c) 10/10  

Ekim After Battle Pale Ale (vc) 10/10

Endeavour 2012 Reserve Amber Ale 9/10

Feral Brewing Fanta Pants IPA 10/10

Holgate Millennium Falcon IPA 10/10

Sideshow Ticket Booth Pale Ale 10/10

 HopDog C Bomb Double IPA 10/10

Feral Brewing Boris Russian Imperial Stout 10/10

Balmain Brewing Pilsner 9/10

Cooper's Sparkling Ale 10/10

Holgate Empress Imperial Mocha Porter 10/10

Little Creatures Single Batch The Quiet American 2013 10/10

Average 9.67 


England Batting Card

Courage Director's Superior Ale (c) 7/10 

Fuller's IPA (vc) 8/10

Hook Norton Twelve Days Strong English Ale 8/10

Fuller's ESB 9/10

Green Devil IPA 9/10

Timothy Taylor's Landlord Strong Pale Ale 4/10

Young's Double Chocolate Stout 6/10

Fuller's London Pride 7/10

Fuller's London Porter 8/10

Meantime Chocolate Porter 9/10

Theakston's Old Peculiar English Strong Ale 7/10

Robinson's Old Tom with Chocolate 7/10

Average 7.42





After sparking one controversy and surviving another of its own, England has picked its 12-beer team for the The Bashes, which starts on Friday.

After having two of its original squad members ruled ineligible due to, basically, not being English, the team set out to choose a strong squad dominated by its English-style IPA batting lineup.

Captained by the Courage Director's Special Ale, the 12 is dominated by the the Fuller's Brewery's offerings, with the London brewery delivering four of the team's players for beer version of the life-and-death Ashes cricket struggle between Australia and England.

It seems a more balanced team than the original squad, which earned a rebuke from The Bashes for including South Africa's Castle Lager and Scotland's BrewDog Punk IPA. 

The revised English 12 is (with the 12th man to be named before play):


Batsmen (ales)

Courage Director's Superior Ale (c)

Fuller's IPA (vc)

Hook Norton Twelve Days Strong English Ale

Fuller's ESB

Green Devil IPA

Timothy Taylor's Landlord Strong Pale Ale


Wicket Keepers

Young's Double Chocolate Stout


All Rounder

Fuller's London Pride



Fuller's London Porter

Meantime Chocolate Porter

Theakston's Old Peculiar English Strong Ale

Robinson's Old Tom with Chocolate




Australia has survived an English protest against some of its key players to announce a formidable lineup of 12 players for tomorrow's first test in The Bashes.

The Bashes, the Beeriosity equivalent of The Ashes, the ancient, life-or-death cricket series played between Australia and England for the last 130 years, will pit Australia's best 11 beers against England's best 11.

Australia will be skippered by the James Squire's Hop Thief, which itself survived a protest by England last week, with the Ekim After Battle Pale Ale named as its vice-captain.

The Bashes test will start tomorrow, with the winner decided by adding up the ranking scores (or the average of them, if the beer has been reviewed by more than one reviewer) to find The Bashes champion.

The Australian 12 (with the 12th man to be added before play) is:



James Squire Hop Thief American Pale Ale (c)

Ekim After Battle Pale Ale (vc)

Endeavour 2012 Reserve Amber Ale

Feral Brewing Fanta Pants IPA

Holgate Millenium Falcon IPA

Sideshow Ticket Booth Pale Ale


Wicket Keepers

Feral Brewing Boris Russian Empirial Stout 


All Rounder

HopDog C Bomb Double IPA



Balmain Brewing Pilsner

Cooper's Sparkling Ale

Holgate Empress Imperial Mocha Porter

Little Creatures Single Batch The Quiet American 2013


Remaining Squad members

Young Henry's and Doctor's Orders Night Nurse White Stout

Moondog India Brown Ale

Mountain Goat Rare Breed IPA

4 Pines Keller Door Chocolate Porter


Squad reserves

Kooinda Black IPA

Stone & Wood Jasper Ale

Doctor's Orders Intraveneous Black IPA

Harts Pub Third Birthday Celebration IPA

Little Creatures Shepherd's Delight Red IPA

Mornington Peninsula Imperial IPA

Red Duck Bengal IPA

Riverside 77 IPA

Six String Dark Red IPA