January 22, 2017
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Merchant Brewing Co is a gypsy brewing company based in Sydney's Inner West. Three mates, Josh, Dan and Glenn met in high school in Junee, NSW.

Ten years later they all ended up living in Sydney’s Inner West. In March 2015 they launched Merchant Brewing Co, an idea that began in the kitchen of 4 Merchant St.

They continue to hold down day jobs in three very different fields. Josh is a cancer biologist for the Children’s Medical Research Institute, while Dan is a manager at a training company and Glenn is disability case manager. They seem to have a fetish for sloths but I’m not sure why.

I received Hasselsloth as part of a Christmas advert calendar. The label has a disturbing image of what looks like a hybrid between David Hasselhoff, Michael Jackson and a sloth. It’s a West Coast style IPA hopped with NZ and US hops, I couldn’t seem to find which ones. It’s 7.2% ABV.

Opaque honey colour with a creamy white head rich with hop oils. Sweet caramel, grainy malt, fruity hops and booze aroma. Medium body and low carbonation.

The first thing I notice is the low carbonation and slick resinous mouthfeel. Starts with a fruity and citrus hop character, a smooth chewy malt creeps in as a slick resinous and bitter hop character cuts through the malt with a lasting bitterness. As it warms up a grainy malt aftertaste becomes more apparent.

It’s very malty for a West Coast IPA. I reckon it tastes more like a malty double IPA than a West Coast IPA.

If you enjoy a brew with a decent hop kick and a big malt chewiness check it out.



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