March 31, 2018
Martin Beves in 7/10, Double IPA, Mountain Goat, Mountain Goat Lime Crisis, Time Crisis

Mountain Goat Lime Crisis Double IPA> For non-gamers like myself, the name of this beer is a pop reference to ‘Time Crisis’ a first person shoot and kill everything kind of arcade game released in 1995. Due to its popularity it was later ported to PlayStation consoles in 1997 and is somewhat of a classic.

Lime Crisis is a new world double IPA that uses US hops Citra and Centennial combined with NZ hops Wakatu and Taiheke to create a citrus forward flavour. Then in a move that would horrify any purist brewer they added crushed Persian black limes and Himalayan rock salt to create a rounded and mineral finish. It’s 8.2% ABV and 60 IBU.

Golden yellow/orange slightly opaque with a thin white head packed with hop oils. Lime, grapefruit, malt and strange earthy salt aroma. Medium body and relatively low carbonation. Starts with a clean lime flavour that is not overly punchy/zesty, a soft malt balances it nicely with a slightly spicy and salt flavour creeping in. It’s moderately dry with a minerally finish like a NZ Sav Blanc. The booze is well hidden. It’s definitely different but I’m not sure it’s worth the hype. Some people believe it’s a masterpiece while others are underwhelmed. It’s perhaps more like a salty lime cocktail rather than a beer.



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