January 24, 2014
Martin Beves in 7/10, AMERICAN IPA, Beer Camp, Sierra Nevada, USA

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp #93 IPA. Beer camp actually exists and it’s not a bible camp in disguise. Each year Sierra Nevada holds a competition inviting fans to send in a video explaining why they should be invited to beer camp. So what is beer camp?  It’s a week of hands on training at Sierra Nevada’s brewery. After training participants are challenged to create a unique beer, the more creative the better. It’s basically a beer nerd’s wet dream. The final products are judged and the best ones are released commercially.

#93 is an American IPA hopped with whole hop cones of Cascade and Citra. It’s 6.9% ABV and 70 IBU.

Like other beers brewed at Sierra Nevada the beer itself is a beautiful sight - golden yellow colour with a fine and compact head. Moderate carbonation and medium body. Sweet grainy malt and weedy hop aroma. Nice mouthfeel. Mild sweet malt flavour leading into a gentle citrus, little bit of weed and tropical fruit aftertaste. It's not very bitter for an IPA. It tastes more like an APA and the relatively high ABV is well hidden.

Good but not ground breaking.



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