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It sounds too good to be true. An Australian brewing company has dedicated itself to exclusively brewing IPAs - tasty, tasty American style IPAs.

Fixation Brewing Co is a joint venture between Stone & Wood and Tom Delmont of Mountain Goat fame. Their mutual love of West Coast IPAs resulted in the company being formed in 2015.  

Their debut release Fixation IPA is West Coast Style IPA and is a respectable 6.4% ABV and 65 IBU. On the malt bill are Briess Pale, Briess Caramel Munich, Weyermann Vienna and Weyermann Carared, which they describe as creating ‘clean pale malt backbone’. On the hop front are Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic and Amarillo added at multiple stages. Fixation IPA is available in bottles from April 2016. 

Golden yellow/orange colour and slightly opaque. Creamy off-white head. Great citrus and pine aroma. Medium body and moderate carbonation. Citrus and a resinous and dank pine hop flavour dominate with a caramel backbone providing great balance. The resin slides off the tongue with a satisfying bitterness. Hop fiends who like a good dose of citrus and resiny pine will enjoy this.

This is a mighty fine West Coast style IPA which gives US brewers a run for their money. It reaffirms that when Australian breweries are provided with fresh US hops they can deliver big, ballsy US style brews that could easily pass for a US brew in a blind taste test.

IPA fans should keep their eye on this up and coming hop obsessed brewery.





Mountain Goat The Delmont. This beer pays homage to Tom Delmont, one of the Mountain Goat crew.

I had been looking for this beer for a while around the traps but couldn’t find it. I was at the Bendigo Craft Beer Festival 2014 and the beer name leapt out from the festival guide. I headed over to the Mountain Goat tent and the man himself was standing there.

I looked around and couldn’t see it, so I asked Tom if it was pouring, Unfortunately, it was not. I eventually tracked down this mysterious beer and once I did I started seeing it everywhere.

It’s a West Coast style IPA, 6.8% ABV and 65 IBU. On the malt front are NZ Gladfield Ale, Vienna and Redback malts which apparently deliver a semi dry palate. It was mash hopped with Cascade. Then Chinook, Centennial, Amarillo and Cascade were thrown into the kettle and whirlpool. Finally it was dry hopped with Simcoe and Amarillo.

Golden yellow, surprisingly crystal clear with a creamy, hoppy head. Dank pine aroma possibly from the Simcoe dry hopping. Medium body and moderate carbonation.

A clean, hop forward beer with the malt taking a backseat. Primarily dank pine and citrus with an underlying stonefruit and floral flavour. The hop flavours linger with a moderately bitter and resinous mouthfeel. As it warms up the bready malt flavours from the Vienna malt and the stonefruit from the Amarillo becomes more apparent.

This is highly approachable beer that reminds more of an American Pale Ale than an IPA.