June 12, 2013
Martin Beves in 4/10, AUSTRALIA, Hell City Glamours, RED ALE, Young Henrys

Young Henrys Red Barrel Road Red Ale. The boys at Young Henrys love doing collaborative brews with bands. It started with Peter Fenton from The Crow and they have subsequently created brews with PVT, Front End Loader and You Am I among others. This time around teaming up with the Hell City Glamours they have created a bourbon barrel aged red ale.

It’s definitely red, I’ll give them that. The mouthfeel is quite thin and it’s surprisingly sweet.  

There’s a moderate earthy malt taste and very little bitterness. The barrel aging doesn’t seem to have done much.

I’m not really a fan of red ales with their dirt flavours and low hop bitterness. Not even a bunch of rock stars can make it better.



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