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Stacked's on!

 A new IPA... OK, so what's special about that?

Not too long ago, finding a new IPA was like finding a gold nugget - rare, exciting and always worth telling your mates about.

Then the craft beer boom hit and every man and his dog started pumping them out, usually just by throwing a bucketload more hops into the process until the end result tasted like you were chewing on a pinecone with a mouthful of lager.

Which is why a new IPA these days is greeted with a touch of skepticism.

Endeavour's new Stacked IPA, however, has got me doing my old gold prospector dance again!

Named (so we're told) because there's stacks of the four Australian hops involved - Ella, Vic Secret, Galaxy and Aus Crusade - and because the brewer apparently stacks their beer tanks in some unusual way (don't ask, I have no idea) this is one flavour-filled complex beer.

Right out of the can it's clear this is something different as it pours a rosy gold with a solid white head and smells bloody marvelous. 

First sip confirms all that and it just gets better as things warm up a bit while the beer goes down.

All four of these hops are well known for both smell and flavours and throw their usual spicy voice into this mix and are blended well so nothing is a huge standout, but everything works together.

If I had to go out on a limb and pick one that shines through, I'd point to the Ella, but that's probably just my imagination.  I loved the Seven Shed's St Ella when it first hit and now when anything reminds me of that it's all I can think of.

Reminding me of something I love however, doesn't mean this isn't unique.

Stacked is, mainly because it ticks all the boxes in a way very few other IPAs manage.

The bitterness is most definitely there, but not insanely so and it's balanced with a pineapple, kiwifruit sweetness underneath and malt running through the lot.

Like I said there's bags of flavour - almost leaning towards the NEIPA end of the scale - but without that cloying mouthfeel some get and at 6.3 ABV it's got a hit without being ridiculous.

Winter's usually a time I head toward porters and stouts, but I'll be getting some more of this for the fridge too.

In a season when big stews, curries and roasts will be on the table, Endeavour's Stacked will certainly hold its own.

To mangle their own name, Stacked's On!

Thumbs up!