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Beeriosity is a beer culture hub that lets you participate at your own level.

We won’t on-sell your details and we won’t spam you. You are, and will remain, in complete control and can elect to receive as many or as few email updates as you prefer.

After logging in as a Beeriosity member, you can manage Beeriosity's email updates by subscribing to receive page updates. To do this, click on your name in the ghosted box in the top right corner. You can choose to receive an email each time anything changes on the site, each time a new beer review is posted or any level of interaction in between.

This same link allows you to edit your profile and continue to edit your subscriptions. You may find changes in your own lifestyle mean you need more or less emails, so there is no limit to how often you can tailor your subscriptions as you get a better idea of how involved you’d like to be.

Of course, one of the other key reasons to become a Beerio is that it will allow you to submit your own beer reviews, which will be edited (for grammar and style only) and published on the site, and after 10 reviews as a “Prospect” it also gives you the chance to join our elite “official” reviewing team.

The third major advantage of Beerio membership (and subscribing to the email feed) is the chance to comment on beer reviews, whether you agree or disagree with the reviewer, Beerosphere news, Features, Videos or simply to take part in the Beeriosity forums.

Beeriosity is an informal beer-loving community discovering new beers, sharing beer tips, beer news and beer videos, and there is no limit to how involved you can be here.

Beeriosity is, and hopefully will remain, a work in progress, so we would also like you to submit your reviews, your own beer news tips, your requests, suggestions and ideas to us via the contact page or email us directly on

You can also follow us on Twitter using the @beeriosity name or at and there is also a Beeriosity FaceBook page.

Thank you for joining us and we hope you enjoy your membership.

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